Rita Gonzalez

UI/UX, Photography and Social content

Platinum Guild International

Platinum Guild International is a marketing organization developing the market for platinum jewelry. Work included art direction and photography for photoshoots, as well as redesigning their PlatinumLearning.com website.

Tasks: UI/UX, Photography, Stop Motion, Video, Image Editing

Role: Senior Production Designer

Client Project via DXagency.com


Project Details
This resource site provides training videos and information on platinum jewelry. The PGI team sought a revamp with improved user experience, updated content pages, and flexibility for future additions.
Previous Website
The previous PlatinumLearning.com design lacked clear navigation, with the homepage failing to properly introduce the site's purpose. An enhanced UI/UX overhaul was requested to create a more elegant, user-friendly experience.
High-Fidelity Designs
After the UI/UX director's initial concepts, the design was refined based on client feedback. The updated aesthetic layout aligns with the brand while presenting information in a clean, easily navigable manner. The experience allows PGI straightforward access to update and expand sections as needed.


Project Details
Seasonal photoshoots provide imagery for PGI's social media and ad campaigns. The first involved art direction guidance alongside the photographer, fine-tuning the visuals. For subsequent shoots, the roles reversed with photography leadership and an art director's support. Post-production included designer image editing with skin and jewelry retouching.

To incorporate engaging social content for platforms like TikTok, stop-motion animation sessions were planned and filmed in Spring 2021. Post-production involved editing the final GIF animations and assisting with video editing as needed.

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